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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun To Shop is COOL!

ROOT BEER FLOAT DAY last Saturday was an absolute blast!  Rich, thick, creamy, refreshing A&W Root Beer vanilla floats were just the ticket for taking the edge off a hot summer day for customers dropping by for a Fun To Shop excursion.  Customers and vendors enjoyed sharing in on the fun together throughout the day as they shopped and visited over their cool treats.  And let's not forget the $50 Gift Certificate Drawing we held.  When the day ended and all the entries had been dropped in the bucket, Teresa Pilic was drawn as the lucky winner, and was she excited when she found out Monday morning saying, "Oh my, I've never won anything, how fun"!  Congratulations Teresa, enjoy your $50 Fun To Shop Certificate!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


That's what Tammy would say to my dad, seeing that we finally got this blog up and running.  She's been hounding dad lately to create a blog for Alamo Craft Company, insisting it's the wave of the future!  Even though he initially rolled his eyes at the idea (because he already creates, manages, and publishes two newsletters and updates the company website every month!), he's finally come around and made the jump, with a little help from me of course.  He promised me that if I maintain this blog, keep it active and up to date, and fun to participate in, he'll keep me in high cotton ~ serving me my favorite breakfast every morning and kitty treats throughout the day!  Now, THAT'S a deal! 

So, to break ground on this historic event, I'd like to share a photo that Tammy took of me the other day while I was deep in thought.

OK, folks, that's it for now.  Hang tight, I'll be updating soon on all that's happening at Alamo Craft Company.

BTW, please join us this Saturday (the 21st) ~ it's ROOT BEER FLOAT DAY!  After your Fun To Shop excursion enjoy a rich, creamy, ice cold root beer float, it's on the house! Bring a friend to share the fun with, and be sure to register to win our Grand Prize Drawing for the $50 Gift Certificate!