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Monday, April 11, 2011

Now THAT was a Fun-To-Shop Fiesta Sale-ebration!

Wow, did we have a load of fun on Saturday!  Our Fiesta Sale-abration was a huge success, and everybody had a great time shopping & saving on all the new selections for Fiesta, Spring, and Easter.  We had customers come from throughout the city, the far corners of our great state, and even from other countries while they were in town visiting family!  Our customers are simply the best there is, and we love you dearly, "Thank you"!

You should have seen Mom, she looked too cute strutting around in her Fiesta head band with the Minnie Pearl price tag hanging down off of it.  I didn't quite know what to think when I first laid eyes on it Saturday morning ~ what in the world is THAT!  It was so cute and fun to wear that Oliver (Flores) just had to buy it off her head!

Oliver giggling at Mom's Fiesta hair "do"...

And... there were 4 lucky winners of the $25 Gift Certificates too!  Dad had fun calling them this morning to let them know they each had won... 
  1. J.D. Davenport
  2. Beatrice Gonzalez
  3. Jesse Rios Jr.
  4. Yilsa de los Santos
Congratulations y'all, enjoy your "Fun-To-Shop" shopping sprees!

Lastly, looked who dropped by to see me Saturday afternoon.  I'm never too busy (napping) to be loved on by Christa, she's sooooo sweet to me!

Well, until next time ~ be richly blessed!