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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blessed Thanksgivings!

As you know, in three weeks we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving Day with feasts abounding our tables, shared with the ones we love.  It's good to celebrate such an occasion, it allows us the opportunity to count our blessings, create new and cherished memories, and pledge to offer our best in humble recognition of our Creator's generous blessings.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving Y'all.  ~Rosa  

Btw, don't eat too much turkey & tamales , save room for some of that pecan & pumpkin pie (and maybe a small bite for me ~ I LOVE roasted turkey)!

 Lastly, be sure keep your radar on for a VERY special event later this month!  I promise you're going to have a ball participating in this one!  If you've got a curiosity streak as bad as mine, you can find out more about it between now and then by asking mom & dad or, visit our website calender. ;^)