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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Springtime Everyone!

Yeaaaaah, it's official today!  It's Springtime!  

Oh how I enjoy spring.  The wonderful rains, the pleasant weather, and everything is popping up green and beginning to bloom!  I love going out into the garden every morning with dad.  We check out the new buds on the trees, and the seedlings popping up.... peeking out of their cozy winter havens.  And the birds are in full chorus serenading their love songs, looking for mates.  It's all absolutely wonderful!

Get out and take advantage of the season this spring, it's meant to be enjoyed by all... and before you know it it'll be over.  And while you're out and about, drop by and see us!  There are so many wonderful Spring, Easter and Fiesta hand crafted items to enjoy... with new items arriving daily!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  I you just happen to have some freshly picked catnip out of your garden... do bring me a sample... I'd LOVE to try it out! ;^)

See you soon, and until richly blessed.