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Friday, June 24, 2011

Summertime Is Rock'in Hot At San Antonio's "Fun-To-Shop" Craft Mall!

Golly gee whiz, what a smoke'n hot summer we've had so far!  Yep, that's true, the weather has been unseasonably hot this month, but the events, classes, and shopping has been something to really write home about!  Everyone has been having a ball here these past 3 weeks, enjoying all the new items coming in and the COOL get-togethers!  This past Saturday, long time customer, vendor, and friend Pat Ausloss held her first crafting class ~ Basket Weaving!  It was amazing watching her work with those simple materials and how easily the crafters picked up the techniques.  Here she is showing them how to begin attaching the final trim...

 Although Joann has never weaved a basket before, she got into the rhythm in no time!

If you haven't taken one of our classes yet, you're missing out BIG TIME!  You'll not only have a load of fun, you'll get to learn something new and make new friends in the process.  Do check out the class schedule each month via our email Newsletter (subscribe via:, or, our website:

Speaking about something to write home about.... we're hosting our first Operation Write Home "Card Making Bee"!  These beautifully hand crafted cards that YOU make are sent to bases overseas for our troops to use to write home with!  This all day event is an open schedule, so you can drop by at your convenience and stay as long as you like, and make as many or few cards as you like.  We are providing all the materials, samples, and guidance, so don't worry about your "skill level", your cards will be beautiful and our troops will love getting them (FREE!) to write home to loved ones (which could be you!).  Do drop by this Saturday, June 25th, we'd love to have you.  And bring someone with you, they'll have a wonderful time too!  For more information about OWH and how they bless our troops while they're away from home, check them out at:

Well, until next time, be richly blessed!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

TOO COOL of a Lemonade Social!

Wow, have we got a full schedule set for this month!  On Saturday the 11th, we're hosting our annual "TOO COOL of a Lemonade Social", where you'll have the best Fun-To-Shop experience in San Antonio!  Drop in to the Yellow Rose patio room while you shop and tickle your tongue on the tastiest & tartiest treats this summer!  Mmmm.... lemon cake, lemon cookies, lemon pie, lemon drops, and all the freshly made iced lemonade to wash it down with!  Do join us, it'll be TOO COOL!  Pssst.... we'll be DOUBLE PUNCHING your Frequent Buyers card that day to boot!

Then, there's shopping to do for Father's Day (we've got some new and truly beautiful handcrafted items in for him), plus a full schedule of classes to check out, and a NEW & exciting event we're organizing and hosting ~ "Operation Write Home ~ Card Making Bee" on the 25th!  During this all day "open schedule" event, you'll be able to drop by at your convenience and hand make greeting cards for our troops overseas, isn't that awesome!  Don't fret about your card making skills, we're providing the teachers, samples, & materials for guidance.  Whether you only make one card, or a dozen, our troops will love using them to use to write home with.  This is a worthy cause, and we would truly love to have you join in, it'll be a blessing to our troops, so please join us!

Well, that's it for now.  See you soon, OK?