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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year Y'all!

Wow!  What an exciting Christmas Season!  It sure was fun enjoying everyone's company as they shopped for that perfect gift for friends and loved ones.  Of course, the home baked Christmas cookies set out each day didn't hurt either ;^) 

I worked overtime greeting and helping customers, making sure they felt welcome and loved.  Best of all, everyone was smiling, humming Christmas songs, and wishing each other "Merry Christmas" all month long!  Christmas just seems to bring out the best of us.  I hope we carry this spirit with us throughout the New Year.  And, as you can see here in the photo below, I'm catching up on my rest after volunteering as one of Santa's helpers...

Oh yeah!  You should have heard the "I DID?" responses of the FIVE customers who found out they each won $100 Shopping Sprees!  They were SOOO... excited.  Two have already been in and redeemed theirs, and what fun they had! 

As for January, it's going to be a "Fun-To-Shop" month also!  Plus, don't forget about the many classes we host.  In addition to quilting, Crafters Circle, and Miss Kim's paper creations class, this month we have a new class, "Locker Hooking" by Becky!  I tell you, Miss Becky has the master's touch when it comes to crafting with fabric and thread!

Lastly, I had a boo-boo fixed on Monday.  Dad noticed I hadn't eaten well the night before and that I was also having trouble eating my breakfast that morning.  So he took a look in my mouth and found that I had a broken tooth, ouch!  He took me to Heritage Animal Hospital to see Dr. Ehrlund, who had to pull my tooth out!  Dr. E and her staff are the sweetest and most caring I've ever visited.  If you need a new pet doctor, please check her out at, you'll be glad you did!
Until next time, be richly blessed everyone.