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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Valentine's!

Wow!  Did February make an entrance or what!  Brrrrrrr.........  it's so cold out there, I can't even enjoy the garden in the mornings when dad opens.  My little paws just can't take it!  And those poor little birdies out there that he feeds every morning sure apprecaite the breakfast AND afternoon snack he gives them!  I love watching them bounce around on the sidewalk, each trying to get that sunflower seed before the other one does outside of the window... best show in town. ;^)

Well, it looks like we've got quite the month set out before us.  There's going to be a total of NINE classes, including two new teachers!  I hear that Adriana is going to teach a class on baking cookies.  I sure hope she includes one of my favorites... "Chicken Pralines"... mmmm.

Anyway, to see what classes are taking place, when, the cost, and sign-up info, just check out the calender on our website.  Click this link here >>>------> Our Cool Calender of Events

Also, if you're looking for something really special to get your Valentine, drop by and browse all the wonderful new Valentine's gifts that vendors are bringing in.... they're just too cute!

Pssst.... we're having a  Store Wide Sale  on Valentine's Day!  Do drop by and shop for your sweetheart.  It's "Fun-To-Shop" at its best!  

Until next time.... be richly blessed.  ~Rosa